While complaints about our products and services are rare, and the vast majority of those are settled amicably, we have established these money back guarantee policies to protect the interests of our customers as well as ours. We want every customer to be completely satisfied with the work we do, and will do our best to make things right if something ever goes wrong.

Depending on the circumstance, we may offer a discount or refund. The following are the situations when a refund or credit will be offered.

Double Billing or Double Orders

If there is ever an error that results in your being charged twice for the same work, we will absolutely refund that amount. Just contact customer service, and they will let you know how to submit proof. Then, your debit card, or other form of payment will be credited immediately.

For every order you submit,  you will receive an email confirmation. While we have controls in place to prevent duplicate orders, in the unlikely case that a double order is received we will refund your money. However, it is your responsibility to check your order confirmations and inform us immediately if one was received in error. You must do this quickly so that no work will begin on your duplicate project.

Order Cancellation Prior to Work Being Started

If you cancel an order before it has been assigned to a writer, you will be entitled to a full refund. If work has been done, a credit will be prorated. For example, if you ordered a paper that is due in 48 hours and cancel after one day, you will be given a 50 percent credit towards a future order.

Please contact us if a problem arises. We may be able to help you find a solution that doesn’t involve cancelling your order.

Late Delivery That Cannot be Attributed to Customer Behavior

If we miss a deadline, we will offer a credit or refund at our discretion. However, this is only available in situations where the delay is the fault of the writer or other member of our team. For example, your writer has a personal emergency and we are unable to provide a substitute in time.

These credits will be prorated based on the amount of work completed, and the amount of time between the deadline and the actual completion date. For your own protection, we suggest that you leave enough time between the due date of your assignment and the deadline you provide to us. This time can be used to review your paper, and add any finishing touches. It also gives you a bit of a buffer in case of an emergency delay.

If a deadline is missed due to lack of response on your part or failure to keep your contact information updated, no refund or credit will be offered.

Mediated Claims at Our Discretion

Because we cannot possibly predict every situation or dispute, we reserve the right to allow upper management to mediate requests for refunds at their discretion. If we believe that a special circumstance warrants a refund or credit, we will provide that on a case by case basis.  However, this is fully at our discretion.


First, please note that we have never been the subject of any accusations of plagiarism or theft of intellectual property. However, we have established policies relating to this for the protection of all. If any customer has reason to believe that they have received plagiarized materials from us, we request that they provide us evidence proving that claim, included the documented accusation and a copy of a Turnitin.com report. If the claim is verified, a full refund will be offered. In addition to this, anybody found to be complicit will be terminated immediately.

Poor Grades

We will not issue refunds or credits on the basis of customers receiving poor grades. This is because we have no way of knowing the criteria or standards set by any professor or instructor. However, our generous revision policies provide for free revisions in the event that your writer failed to follow your instructions or produced work that does not meet quality standards. Please refer to our revision policy for more detail.

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