Australian Help is very aware of the accepted national and international laws, regulations, and recommendations regarding privacy and confidentiality. It is our goal to fully protect the privacy of all visitors to and users of our site and our services. And want you to know that we will always give our visitor and users a secure experience while on our site.

We do collect certain information. The information we collect from visitors is generic, anonymous, and aggregated. The information we collect from users is only that which is necessary for them to purchase products and services. Here are the specific types of information we do collect.

  1. Aggregated and Anonymous Information from Visitors

We do track the visitors on our site. We track what pages they visit, how long they remain on each page, and how the leave our site. This information is totally anonymous and we collect and collate it so that we have better data on how our site is used and how we can improve it. We look at traffic patterns of our visitors, to see how they are moving through out site. We track where they might be stalled. We track which browsers are used to access our site.

None of this information carries with it any personal information.

We do use cookies. This is a common practice of most websites. Again, these are just little pieces of data that we place in your browser files. They do not provide us with any personal information about visitors. Any visitor who is not “okay” with cookies can refuse them and turn them off. This will not affect visitor navigation around our site. However, in order to participate in any offerings or functions of the site (subscribe to newsletter, take polls or surveys, or chat with our team, a visitor will need to enable cookies.

  1. Optional and Voluntary User Disclosure of Personal Information provides lots services and other information to users. Some of these require the disclosure of personal information – name, email address, and phone number. This is totally voluntary and the user provides this information because s/he either want us to send information or news items or wishes to purchase products or services from our company.

When a user makes the decision to order/purchase products or services, the personal information must be submitted along with that order. As a matter of privacy and confidentiality protections, this information is encrypted and the user is provided an ID number. We use the most up-to-date fire walls and encryption, in order to prevent any access to user personal information.

We only use customer personal information for contact when that is necessary. Further, user information is never shared with any third party. We do not sell, lease, or in any other way distribute our customers’ information.

  1. Legal Requirements

When fraud is suspected, we will report it to legal authorities; and we will cooperate with any legal authority in the completion of an investigation. During these times, an individual’s personal information will be shared when requested by law enforcement agencies.

  1. Bank Requests

There are also times when banks require verification of identity before it will approve a credit card transaction. In these instances, we will notify the user of the bank’s requirements and collect other personal information (e.g., picture ID), in order to pass that on to our third-party payment processor. We will destroy this information once it has been transferred to the requesting party.

  1. User Consent

Anyone who accesses our site for any reason is subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

  1. Linking to Other Sites

Visitors and users will find links to other sites on our website. these links are provided because they may have information that an individual may find useful. Once anyone leaves our site by linking to another site, the Privacy Policy I no longer in effect, and the individual is subject to the Privacy Policy of the site to which was linked.

Should you have questions about this policy, please contact our customer support department for further information and explanation.

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