It is our goal to produce highest quality writing products that will meet the specifications and expectations of all of our customers. To this end, we have several procedures in place:

  • Our order form asks for very detailed instructions from customers regarding the requirements and any unique specifications of the products they order
  • We assign only those writers who are qualified, by degree, degree field, and writing experience, to each order
  • We establish a communication pathway between customer and writer throughout the production process

Because of these features, it is rare that customers do not get exactly what they want.

There are some occasions when our customers request revisions, and we are happy to oblige them, usually without additional charges of any kind. Here is our policy regarding revisions. We ask that you read through this so that you understand all of its provisions. When you place an order for our products or services, you are automatically bound by this policy.

How to Request Revisions

  1. Once you receive a final draft of your ordered product (uploaded to your personal account), we ask that you open and review it. If you are fully satisfied, you simply click the “approve” button. It is then available for your download.
  2. If you see something you want to change, click the “revision request” button. This will allow you to explain exactly what you want revised, so that your writer understands and begins to make those changes. Please check your account often during this time. If your writer has any questions or needs any clarification, you want to be available to give further explanation
  3. When your revisions are finished, you will be notified and asked to review the final draft again. If all is as you wish, just click “approve” and you are on your way.

There are Request Deadlines

In most cases, our customers request revisions as soon as they review their final draft. We also know that that first review can be quick and you may have missed something. If, after taking delivery of your piece, you then find things you want revised, here are the deadlines:

  1. You usually have 7 days after taking delivery to make a request
  2. If your work is lengthy (over 20 ages), you will have 14 days to make a request.

Most Revisions are Free

Here are the instances in which revisions are free of charge:

  1. If a writer has missed a specification or instruction, revision will be free. Just point it out in your request, and it will be fixed.
  2. If you should want the structure changed in some way, for example, the sequence in which arguments have been presented
  3. Perhaps you want an additional point added or a different point made in your conclusion. These are free of charge.
  4. If you should find any errors in grammar and composition, of course these revisions are free of charge (this is quite rare).

Fee-Based Revisions

There are times when we must charge for revisions – here are those occasions:

  1. If your request means a change from your original order instructions, this will mean more work for your writer that was not planned. If, for example, you originally request and 10-page paper and now want it to be 12 pages, there will be an additional cost.
  2. If you go past the deadline for revision requests, we must consider that request a new order. We will determine a fee.

If your request involves an additional fee, we will determine the amount and request payment at that time. Your writer cannot begin until that payment is received.

Final Urging

The need for most revisions can be eliminated if customers stay in touch with their writers. We urge you to communicate often.

If you need further explanation of any parts of this Revision Policy, do not hesitate to contact the customer support department.

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