Terms of Use: Australian Help

This terms of use document outlines the agreement between our customers and us regarding the use of our products and services. Please note that products and services include the following:

  • All Products And Services Ordered From AustralianHelp.com
  • Any Advice Given to Users in Any Format
  • Blog Posts
  • Web Content

This agreement applies to paying customers as well as visitors to this website. Please read this policy page thoroughly as you are responsible for knowing and understanding it. If you do not understand these terms of use, please ask customer service to clarify. If you do not wish to be held to these terms of use, our advice is to stop using this website immediately. Further, please bookmark this page for reference.

Please refer to our disclaimers page for a list of words and phrases that can be used interchangeably to refer to AustralianHelp as well as words that can be used interchangeably with you.

Other Policy Pages

We have created multiple policy pages. These are written to foster an understanding of our various policies, and to provide protections for all parties. Please review these pages on a regular basis. In the event that information on this page should ever appear to be in conflict with information on our other policy pages please note two things:

  • This Document Supersedes All Others
  • You Are Responsible For Obtaining Clarification

Legal Use And Jurisdiction

We have obtained verification that we are in full compliance with any laws, statutes, or regulations that apply to us. This includes laws where we are headquartered as well as where we conduct business. However, we cannot provide anyone with the guarantee that their use of our products and services is completely legal.

While there is no reason to believe that using our products and services in any way constitutes a legal violation, each individual should do their due diligence to ensure they are in compliance with all laws that apply to them.

Please note that all use of this website is intended only for those who are legally allowed to access our content or order products and services. Specifically, it is never our intention to allow anyone under the age of thirteen to create an account on Australian Help.com, or to provide them with any products or services. This policy is in place for the protection of minors and to ensure our compliance with international law.

Approved Use of Our Products And Services

We produce a variety of documents that are customized and written based upon instructions that our clients provide to us. These documents are completely original, and become the property of the client once they are downloaded. However,  we do reserve the right to apply some limits to their use.

We provide documents for the purpose of reference, example, and research. Any other use is at the customer’s own risk. We forbid clients from selling documents they have ordered and downloaded from our website. Otherwise, any essays, papers, business documents, etc. are the property of the client.


No personal information relating to any client or visitor to AustralianHelp.com will be shared with third parties. In addition to this, we will never share the  nature of our relationship with any customer or client. We maintain strict confidentiality at all times. If the customer chooses to disclose information about their use of our services, we are not responsible for any negative consequences that could result.

The only exception to our confidentiality policy is in the event that we receive a court order, or become aware of what we believe could be fraud or a violation of the law. In these cases, we will cooperate with any investigations, and report what we believe could be a crime.

Placing an Order

Orders may be placed online via our order form, or they can be placed with the help of our customer service department. Placing an order entails giving personal information, as well as the details of the writing service that you require.

After the order is placed, it is reviewed and the appropriate writer is contacted with their new assignment. Once work begins, all communication is done directly between the client and the writer.

No work will be performed until payment in full has been made.

Customer Identification

On occasion, banks and credit card companies will require us to obtain additional verification of a client’s identity. When this happens, we are required to comply. Failure to do so means that your payment to us will not be processed. Please respond to any requests for identification verification quickly by uploading the needed information.

Questions And Clarification

Please remember that you are responsible for learning and understanding the policies outlined  here. If you  have any questions about the terms of use, it is in your best interest to contact us. Our customer service department is always available. They will answer all policy related questions, or will direct your questions to someone who can.

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