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Can acute suicidality be predicted by Instagram data? Results from qualitative and quantitative language analyses
Article critique


February 24, 2020

Personal effectiveness and professional development - Payroll
Reflective writing

Very good paper

February 14, 2020

qualitative exemplary literacy research article
Article critique


February 03, 2020

Research Project Part 1 Marriott, ticker symbol MAR

There are several issues with this paper that I need to point out. First, APA style, which UMGC has adopted for research, does not use footnotes. Please review APA style. Next, although you are correct in including tables of data, your write-up needs exhaustive use of numbers from those tables in the write-up to back-up your explanation f your analysis. For example, if you say there are "decreasing returns in 2017" what are they? Add those percentages and numbers +or(-) into your explanation. Not doing so weakens your analysis perspective as a result. Point: finance is numbers.

February 02, 2020

International business Plan

outstanding work completed by the writer. Writer gave rough drafts and went above and beyond with the analysis of this paper.

January 22, 2020

Does leadership impact on Job Performance
Research Paper

Great work. Timely response to the request

January 16, 2020

Marketing Essentials

Very good service. I was please with the quick responds and even more pleased with the quality work. Many thanks!

January 14, 2020

Marketing research on Taj hotel

Well done

January 02, 2020

"How will the Olympics affect Japans economy"

The essays was fantastic! Thank you. However, I would have liked it if he/she wrote the resource evaluation which I asked about.

December 29, 2019

organizational climate


November 26, 2019