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perspective on essays

thank you so much, and you finished it early, your fantastic!

August 03, 2018


Thank You so much for the prompt Service and Help with a Research Paper. I have used this site three times, and I definitely will recommend to others who are in need of help

July 25, 2018

Compare and contrast the views of management and accountants regarding the changes required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on internal controls and how these changes have affected corporations, accounting firms, and investors.

Writer was very prompt and I received my paper in less than 24 hours

July 22, 2018

Systematic Literature Review-Do adults ages 18-40 with acute appendicitis who are treated with antibiotics have less adverse events including appendix rupture, infection, and peritonitis compared to those who are treated with surgical management
Research Paper

Thank you, this was very well written and I appreciated reading it. it was missing the literature review matrix listed in the syllabus. can this be added?

July 13, 2018

Hist553 Wk1 Forum

July 09, 2018

i) the growth in collection and use of big data ii) the growth in precarious work and the ‘gig’ economy and iii) changes to labour practice as a result of Brexit.
UK Essay

There is appropriate structure and linkages between the two parts of the essay. There is very good use of literature from an appropriate range of sources. These are well used to support the argument. An accurate and extensive bibliography has been provided. Very good writer and I'm very pleased!

April 29, 2018


April 21, 2018


April 21, 2018

The Slave Trade

Well-wrtiien essay. Thank you for the prompt and professional service.

April 20, 2018

Critical Incident Management

Excellent product, fulfilled my requests and was rich with originality and detail.

April 06, 2018